Department of Mechanical Engineering
Kongu Engineering College

Mxcel'14 is a Pride of Kongu Engineering College and the result of the hard work of over 850 Students and Staff of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of our College. Mxcel'14 is an effort to bring to light the Talents that remain unexposed and explored ! Mxcel'14 is a perfect blend of the Fiery Technical events that makes you think hard and Fun-filled Games that make you laugh hard! Don't miss to be a part of this Technical Celebration! Register yourselves for various events right away!!

General Instructions
• All participants should bring their college ID card
• Participation certificates will be provided for all registered participants
• Accommodation will be provided for outstation participants. The Participants should confirm the availability of accommodation on 23/09/2014.
• Free trips in college bus from Perundurai to college in the morning and from college to Perunduraiin the evening will be provided for the participants.
• Lunch will be provided for the participants in the college itself.

  • Auto Component Assembly
  • Bot Battle
  • CAD Modelling
  • Contraption
  • Lathe Prodigy
  • Paper Presentation
  • Popsicle Stick Bridge
  • Project Presentation
  • RC Nitro Car Race
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Workshops :

Date: 24-09-2014, One day before Mxcel'14

Success of engineers would always depend on the way of handling sophisticated instrument. The practical experience on the modern instruments will help to build a good career in core industry. An individual person can become an independent engineering consultant when he is able to access the modern equipment. This one day workshop will help to improve the technical skills of budding mechanical engineers. This workshop aims at enhancing the skill set of students in various areas such as Measuring & troubleshooting of various instruments.
Flue gas analyzer – Quintox Make, UK
Coordinate Measuring Machine
Thermal Imager – Preventive Maintenance Tool – Fluke Make, USA
Indoor Air Quality meter
Hot wire Anemometer
Grain Moisture Meter and pH meter
Pyre heliometer and Pyranometer
Trans Esterification
Bomb Calorimeterr
Junker's Gas Calorimeter
Force Plate
Lux meter, Sound meter
Trouble shooting of Air-conditioners, Refrigerators and Water coolers

Event Coordinator:
V. Thiruppathy: +918098181876
K. S. Sharnish: 9566577811

Date: 24-09-2014, One day before Mxcel'14

For the Budding Photographers, Mxcel'14 offers a workshop on Professional Photography. The workshop will be conducted by the all famous Professional Photographer Mr. Bruno Ennares. Please refer to his more details about him. This workshop will be very useful for the aspiring young photographers.
Shutter Freeze
Mxcel is hosting an online Photography Craze called The Shutter Freeze ! Send in your best photographs to mxcel14shutterfreeze@gmail.comon or before 19-09-2014.
The photographs will be posted on Social Websites and the Best Photo will be selected on the basis of voting. The Best Photographer will be awarded with a Free Pass to attend the above mentionedWorkshop! Others, for registration and fee details, Contact the Event Coordinator !

Event Coordinator:
Shriram. J : +919487529734
Vasanthkumar.C : +918015511286

3.One- Day Workshop on Hands-on Training for Dismantling and Assembly of Motor-bikes
Date: 24-09-2014, One day before Mxcel'14

The SAE- KEC Collegiate Club of Kongu Engineering College, with immense pleasure, presents the One- Day Workshop on Hands-on Training for Dismantling and Assembly of Motor-bikes. The workshop will consist of detail sessions of workingexplanation and hands-on dismantling and assembly of motor bikes. The number of participants allowed to participate in the workshop is only limited! Hurry up and contact the coordinators to reserve your place at the workshop!

Event Coordinator:
C. Muthu Kumar : +919840955170

Registeration Closed for all events and Workshops



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: Paper Presentation      Project Presentation
CAD Modeling             RC Nitro Car Race
Auto component Assembly
contraption                 Lathe Prodigy
Popsicle Bridge
List Of Events on 25.09.2014
Workshop on 24.09.2014


Hands on Training on Advanced Mechanical Instruments
Advanced Photography Techniques
One- Day Workshop on Hands-on Training for Dismantling and Assembly of Motor-bikes
Registeration Closed for One- Day Workshop on Hands-on Training for Dismantling and Assembly of Motor-bikes.


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Registeration Closed for all event's and workshop's.

Contact Us:

R.Subash - +91-8508920756

A.Nishanth Kumar - +91-9597073532

R.Ashwin Kumar - +91-9688714764

Paper Presentation:– Innovations are what the world is waiting for!

Description :

Mxcel' 14 provides you an excellent platform to present your innovative ideas and get acknowledged. Come to us with your presentations and the world-changing Designs will be selectedand awarded in a grand Valedictory function ! Below, You'll see the rules that you should follow to present your papers at Mxcel'14.

Project Presentation:– Proto Battle!

Description :

Any work requires a little appreciation and lots of encouragement. This is our Moto here in Mxcel'14. Bring in your Project models and we will select the best out of them. For the rest of the models, You'll be given tips by our Jury to make your model more feasible! Like we said, Appreciation and Encouragement is all Mxcel is about !

RC Nitro Car Race:– Burn those Wheels to Glory!

Description :

We can already hear the engines throttling and pushing out the hot fumes! Looks like they are thirsty for race and thirsty for a victory! Bring in your RC Cars and let them cruise through our track! The champion will be awarded and celebrated! What are you waiting for? Start tuning up your cars already!

Auto Component Assembly:– Only the Fittest can quickly Fit !

Description :

It is a hands-on event to show your skills and knowledge on assembling auto components. Tools will be provided by the Organisers. The participants will be checked for their familiarity with the provided components and the time they take to assemble it! All the Best Mechanics!

CAD modelling:– Design your way to Victory!

Description :

As we know, Designing is the basis of Mechanical Engineering. In this event, we test your knowledge in Design and your ability to use the provided Software effectively to create the required design. Participate, Design and may the Best Designwin!

This Event has been Cancelled

Contraption – The Game of Energy Conversions !

Description :

Why not add some creativity to the Technical Battle ? Ladies and Gentlemen, We present you CONTRAPTION – The Game of Energy Conversions and Simple Mechanisms! Let's see how much your mind thinks and "converts"!

Lathe Prodigy:– Time to 'Turn' Things to Shape!

Description :

From the beginning, Lathe has been the symbol of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanical Workshops. Lathe prodigy is an event to evaluate a team's precision in manufacturing a part of the given dimensions and shape. Be prepared with the fundamental of facing and turning people! It's time to 'turn' the things to shape !

Popsicle Stick Bridge – Build your Bridge!

Description :

To test your spirit of Design, We have a spectacular contest called "The Popsicle Stick Bridge Building Contest". If your bridge withstands the applied load, You'll be crowned the Best Structural Engineers of Mxcel'14 ! So the strongest bridge wins!

Non - Technical events

Description :

Mxcel'14 is not only about the technical events. It is also a Fun package with lots of Games. Don't forget to participate in these games and win exciting gifts!